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Sun Trine Lilith Synastry

Sun conjunct North Node synastry
Think of the Sun going through an agreement with Lilith, the Firebird Demon. This is the essence of Sun-Lilith aspects meaning in synastry. Their union will bring passion and unexpected happenings to your union.

If the Sun trine Lilith synastry aspect is good, then it’s likely you will experience synastry bliss as Sun-Lilith trine brings out the best of both signs.

Let’s see what Sun-Lilith trine aspects mean in synastry. A Sun-Lilith aspect in synastry is a positive aspect where both partners are seen as attracting energy and attracting life-force energy.

Sun quincunx Lilith synastry are both able to give birth to new ideas and projects and able to keep the flow of creative energy between them. The Sun trine Lilith synastry is often found in creative and artistic couples.
But the negative aspect it can lead to are seduction and addiction. Both partners may get obsessed with each other and have fantasies of playing couples and role play

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